We are what we eat (and drink). That’s why doing it well helps us live better, with a smile upon our face. Pastrocchio was born with a very clear goal… Feed your happiness!

made by hand

Hands are the perfect tool! A machine can do the work of a hundred hands, but it will never be the same. Every our gesture is a tribute. From our hands to yours.


We do not want to please everyone. We can not because we produce with methods of other times. Our products are light, indispensable and as healthy as few. At Pastrocchio, food icons are a constant guarantee. We made clear and uncompromising choices precisely because we love fatigue and sacrifice to achieve the result.

what kind of pastrocchio are you?

Long live freedom! Breakfast or brunch? Fast meal or healthy food lunch? Gourmet burger or mother yeast pizza? It’s up to you.
Rules are made to be broken, and from today you have the opportunity to choose.
Whatever you want, whenever you want.

DESIGN & style

Luxury is a matter of money, style is a matter of good education!“. Definitively agree.
We want to express the character of the environment we have created. Design is a fundamental component for the Pastrocchio’s identity. The study, the competence, and a careful research of the materials determine the experience that you will live in Pastrocchio.

RESPECT! no racism // no homofobia // no pay gap

At Pastrocchio we follow a very simple rule. Respect.

  • We love every place you’ve been or where you come from (NO RACISM).
  • With whom you go out or what you like is not our business (NO HOMOFOBIA).
  • And that you are a boy or a girl for us makes no difference (NO PAY GAP).

Our happiness is your happiness! #feedyourhappiness #tivogliofelice