i want you happy

We are what we eat and drink. That’s why doing it well helps us live better, with a smile. Il Pastrocchio was born with a very clear objective… Feeding your happiness.


Hands are the perfect tool! A machine can do the work of a hundred hands, but without transmitting the passion that craftsmanship can imprint on a product. Our every gesture is a tribute from one hand to the other. Yours.


We don’t have the ambition to please anyone, because we produce with methods from other times. Our products are light, indispensable and healthy like few others. At Pastrocchio, food icons are a constant guarantee. We have made clear and uncompromising choices precisely because we love the effort and sacrifice to get to the result. We put the utmost care into everything that nature creates.


Long live freedom! Breakfast or brunch? Quick meal or healthy food lunch? Gourmet burger or sourdough pizza? It would take time for an aperitif to choose the best, but whether you drink a cocktail or good wine, know that at Pastrocchio you will decide.

Rules are made to be broken, and now you have the opportunity to choose when to do it all in one place, every day. Everyday.


“Luxury is a matter of money, style is a matter of good manners!” We too believe this is the case and for this reason we want to express the character of the environment we have created. Design is a fundamental component for the identity of a Pastrocchio. The study, the competence, and an accurate research of the materials determine the experience to live/that you will live in this environment.


At Pastrocchio we follow a very simple rule. Respect. Which in its various forms determines every single daily attitude.

We love every place you’ve been or come from (NO RACISM).
Who you date or what you like is none of our business (NO HOMOFOBIA).
And whether you are a man or a woman makes no difference to us (NO PAY GAP).

Our happiness is your happiness!

tà è la tua felicità! #feedyourhappiness #tivogliofelice