What world would it be without coffee? We don’t care to know, because at Pastrocchio we adore it in all its forms.
And we like to do it at its best, whether it’s espresso or mocha, filter or cold pressed.
Every gesture is a form of expression and for this reason we have chosen XLVI: a work of art of extraction machines, capable of giving a unique design to more than professional efficiency.


It’s easy to say Breakfast. For us, behind this word there is a world of artisanal culture. Our Bakery is the daily alarm clock, the scent of freshly cooked pastries in the air and the bar counter full of products that we take care of in every detail: from the raw materials to the last brushstroke of icing. It’s breakfast for everyone… For us, it’s Breakfast!


Bread, love and fantasy recited a film from Italy in the 50s. Over 70 years later, we carry on old traditions on the White Art processing, revisiting the shapes, uses and communication, keeping intact the care of the yeast processing cycles mother that require time and patience and are diametrically opposed to industrial production.
Only in this way have we managed to obtain the lightness of clouds when we pick up one of our products. Form is substance… but content is a guarantee!


Cappuccino and croissant are respectively the king and queen of the Italian breakfast, but sometimes you can choose to abandon one habit to embrace another. Brunch is the perfect synthesis between breakfast and lunch. A complete meal, between sweet and savoury, which allows you to arrive happily full at dinner time. Eggs, bacon & Italian pancakes to feel abroad even if you are comfortably seated at home.


The modern lunch must be substantial and possibly fast, but without being heavy. Whether it’s a break from work, a reunion with friends or a Sunday with the family at Pastrocchio you will always find an answer to your needs. Whether it’s homemade Piada or Pasta, in their various forms, together with single dishes cooked on the grill or in a charcoal oven, these are the different proposals of the Pastrocchio menu, transversal and complete.

healthy buffet

We have always addressed a transversal public in the food sector. Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or organic, our proposals are never extreme. Here at Pastrocchio even the most discerning palates can satisfy their every need. In fact, the Healthy Buffet is the master: a buffet of healthy, colourful, fresh and above all different foods every day. What are you waiting for? Come and try it!


MONO, DUO or COMBO? We imagine that these are strange questions for you but when we built our laboratory we did not want to produce mass products. We wanted each person to have their own dose of happiness. Or that a couple could share the same portion of dessert treated as if it were a bigger cake. We also wanted a group of people to share small doses of colors and flavors and vary freely. We wanted a new form of traditions and flavours.

Il Pastrocchio is a pastry laboratory, you can order classic or special cakes, for events and simply to satisfy a small desire, browse our catalog and order your next cake!


Some moments must be lived together with a drink. And whether it’s a harp, the cheers of a first meeting or a convivial moment deserves to be done in a workmanlike manner. This is why a particular dose of attention should be indicated among its ingredients. There are those who drink to forget… but the Pastrocchio Drink space is designed to ensure that you remember it for a long time.

PIZZERIA and more

There are many ways to dine and at Pastrocchio you will find the most varied, with a complete menu of appetizers and unique dishes: meat, fish and vegetarian. But every evening our Multi-decorated Pizza Gourmet with sourdough takes center stage. It is freshly prepared with a classic, cereal or wholemeal dough, and thanks to a dough with 80% hydration, it remains to all intents and purposes a highly digestible, light and fragrant masterpiece.


We have never offered a commercial beer simply because we have never made them. For us beers are special and after many years of experience in the field we are aware that pouring quality beer is worth every penny of the production costs. Every toast deserves a quality product, which is why we like to call beer the best analogue social network.