The creative passion! 

Pastrocchio shop has always been the laboratory of creativity. 
Thanks to creativity of Alessia you can order classic or special cakes, to satisfy a little wish or to turn your events most spectaculars, sweetest and naturally happier. 


Chocolate cakes, cheesecake, cream or fruits classic cake, cream tart: are just a few example of tastes that you can find in
Pastrocchio shop.

Order your next cake!


The beauty combined with the goodness.

You know that at Pastrocchio shop we make artistic wedding cakes? Together our pastry Alessia you can design your customized wedding cake that fulfills every details that you thought for the most important day of your life.  


Your dose of happiness.

Single dessert born to satisfy your sweet desired after a meal or like a tasty snacks in the middle of the day.



Give yourself a little cuddle.

Are you a bignè type? Choose between cream, pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut.
Or you are a fruits baskets type? We recommend you to choose in front of our corner because we have also:
cream filled cannoncini, mignon single dessert and our traditional dry pastries.